How to Travel with a Toddler with Ease

Traveling with a toddler is just a nightmare for most parents. Imagine you are all ready for exploring fun and beautiful destination you have been waiting for, but wait you are with your toddler, then it gives you a feeling of cold feet all of a sudden. Well do not worry.

Well if you plan your trip properly, you will have a great vacation not only for you but also for your toddler. This feat is challenging but it is doable. We have listed below some tips on how to handle your toddler, to have a vacation that will be remembered because of being stress free and fun.

Plan According to You Toddler’s Schedule

This is the way to go, if you have travel plans it be tailored around your toddler’s routine. If it permits, you opt to go for a long drive or board an airplane when you are baby is asleep. If not, schedule your leaving time long before or after nap time.

Always make sure that you feed your toddler at the time they accustomed for feeding and not just when you feel convenient feeding. By planning long before the time and keeping them well rested and feed, you will avoid the dreaded tantrums.

Also include your stroller in your plan, you can bring one of course. To know what strollers is great for travel, you can check out this site. There no way dude roni you can know what stroller to bring unless you read this post.


The first thing that you should think is that your toddler is wired differently from you. Their attention span, patience and bladder are way different from your level. A toddler must eat, stretch, go to the potty, or change the diaper frequently as possible.

So, when traveling with your toddler please make sure that you give them time to relax and give what they need. If you do these things, it is guaranteed that they will not get cranky and will not throw a tantrum giving you a pleasant mood on your vacation.

Always Follow You Child’s Routine While on the Trip

Follow your baby’s everyday routine as closely as possible to make your toddler feel at home as much as possible even if you are away from home. They will feel at comfortable if you stick with your daily activities as closely as possible.

Example if you read book to your toddler before he or she gets to sleep, do it. You can also make a hotel crib to make your toddler feel warm. Always see to it that you bring along childproofing kit.